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KnowPulp - Learning Environment for Chemical Pulping and Automation


The methods of pulping and automation has traditionally been trained separately. The new web-based learning environment gives the user a general picture of both parts and their interactions. The KnowPulp system is based on multimedia, hypertext and simulation models and the system is used through a web-browser.



Utilization of new knowledge is an important competitive factor for companies. KnowPulp can be used for self-studying and teaching of pulping technology and automation. The system is used for training and teaching of operating and office personnel of the forest cluster and for teaching in universities and vocational education institutions.

The development of the KnowPulp system was made possible by the high skillness and very functional cooperation of the Finnish forest cluster companies and research institutes.

The system is based on the use of multimedia, hypertext and simulation models. The KnowPulp system is used in the intranet environment, which enables centralized updates and maintenance.

The KnowPulp system can be used for supplementary training and training on the job in companies and for training for a degree in colleges. The system is built initially in Finnish and has been translated into English and Spanish.



KnowPulp includes activities in pulp mills and their interaction with the operating environment. The overall system is divided into the following sections:

1. Pulping technology. Fiberline (Woodhandling, cooking methods, washing, screening, bleaching, drying) and chemical recovery (evaporation, recovery boiler, white liquor preparation, byproducts)
2. Chemical pulps, quality of pulps. Softwood and hardwood pulps
3. Raw materials. Wood raw materials, chemicals and water
4. Automation and measurements, control strategies, production management
5. Operation and maintenance. Maintenance, systems, processes and equipment
6. Operation environment. Environmental control, economy in operations, safety

The system can be used topically starting from larger entities and progressing into smaller ones through pictorial user interfaces. The basic displays contain text, pictures, video clips and animations as well as simulation models.

Learning paths can be programmed into the system. By following these, one can get an overall view of for example the process and equipment technology and automation of an entire production line.

In addition, the system features simulation tasks and an extensive glossary of paper technology and automation.



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